Scarlet Living Pvt Ltd. | About Us
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About Us




STUDIO SCARLET is primarily a home accessory store where as the name symbolizes, it’s all about passion- passion for offering an assortment of home décor products. their website Studio Scarlet is the new face for fashionable and culturally diverse home accessories. We house beautiful  little treasures of artworks, furniture, cutlery, decorative artifacts and ‘sarees’ that are suited for individual tastes.


With consumers spanning the seven seas and travels becoming more diverse, the transcendence in choices for types of home and decorative accessories are becoming more read this article obvious. Peoples’ preferences exhibit influences of diverse cultures and eras. They are always on the hunt for thoughtful, intriguing combinations of color, texture, and history. We aspire to cater to these altering choices.


Our customers are high end, accessory lovers. People, who love beauty, are house proud and enjoy owning unique, luxurious decor. Infused with excellent quality, great workmanship, and forward-thinking design elements, our products are unique and beautiful. They are a perfect blend of form and function.
At Studio Scarlet, we proudly escort you through the journey of art and self-expression, by allowing you the opportunity of bringing eclectic, regionally diverse and high quality products into your homes.